The site of "Whippets in Estonia" was originally created by Elen Han of kennel Perfect Stranget. At the end of 2006, she entrusted it to me. I am Liisa Vesik, I am a whippet fancier and I am not a breeder. This site serves two primary functions: to tell about (and make visible) this wonderful breed to prospective owners and to unite whippets owners in Estonia. Thus we try to gather and display information for the benefit and enjoyment of all.

I know we could not maintain two separate systems of pages in two languages properly updated, so English is inserted where it seems appropriate. There are pages not worth translating into English, like breed overview and list of updates, so I've skipped these. Some parts I am planning to make more readily bilingual - dog show results, for example.

My contact is on the front page and you are welcome to use the forum if you have any questions.