Siin on kirjas kõik whippetid, kelle kohta on teada, et nad Eestis elavad. Kindlasti on Eestis koeri, keda siin nimekirjas pole.

This is a list of whippets living in Estonia. The list is as complete as whippet owners in Estonia know about each other. Most probably there are dogs living in Estonia not listed here.

Absoliuti Idile Bruce Springsteen
Airy Elf's Briza
Airy Elf's Ciceron
Airy Elf's Collet
Always On The Run Imperija
Anahita Arva S Geba Galla
Blazing Star Lancar Super
Bona Diva Star Sapphire
Born To Charm Marisol
Born To Charm Mirabel
Born To Charm Mersedez
Born To Charm Mik Jager
Born To Charm Maris Liepa
Born To Charm Marco Polo
Born To Charm Ramualdo
Born To Charm Rafael
Born To Charm Renata
Born To Charm Rowena
Burning Love Lancar Super
Boxing Helena's ArtNIcon
Dellandros Afrodite Elizabeth
Dellandros Archie Elliot
Encautom's Afrodite With Love
Heidelind's So Far So Good
Krasnaya Strela Ariadna
Lancar Dream China Doll
Lancar Dream Dancing Flame
Nevedith Wotta Wunda
Perfect Stranger Aagje Helderder
Perfect Stranger Dilemma Of Love
Perfect Stranger Host of Heaven
Perfect Stranger Mi Aguila
Perfect Stranger No Problem
Perfect Stranger Piece of Cake
Pikkunokan Tigger
Satangin Absolute Carrot
Satangin Always On My Mind
Satangin Ace Of Diamonds
Satangin Jasmin Tea
Satangin Just My Magic
Satangin Kiss Me Quick
Satangin Kiss N Tell
Satangin Looney Tunes
Satangin Millefiori In Mink
Satangin Make Up Mania
Satangin Merry Making
Satangin Mingle Mangle
Satangin Morning Twist
Satangin My Bay Be Blue
Satangin My Mamma Said
Satangin Orbit Sugar Free
Shining Crista Romantika
Teodor Circus Maximus
Ursula Circus Magicus
Umberto Circus Magicus
Zelig Flaming Glory
Zootsuits Mystifications
Zootsuits New Star to Helina
Zootsuits Paper Notes

In Memoriam:

Bring Me Back To Life Mann
Calleca'ry Lovely Littel Lady
Foxhill's Forever First
Heidelind's Forever Yours
Satangin Oo La La
Sobresalto Hors Serie
Woodbrooks Talunga Shiraz